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Fishing refreshing, low-calorie and healthy. And compostaper il90% water and from different mineralitra including potassium, sodium coach outlet online, iron, calcium and phosphorus.
Eat a fishing day means supply the body with about 15% of the daily requirement of, important defend against various infections, which is essential for the fortification of the bones and for the transport and absorption of iron in the blood.
addition, a proper intake of vitamin C reduces the risk of tumors at least a 70%.
Another important element of the beta carotene coach factory outlet online, which stimulates melanin for tanning eaiutando the skin to stay supple and youthful, not surprisingly fishing is widely used by cosmetic companies to produce creams and face masks. From
antioxidant properties, fishing also laxative and diuretic. It 'good to replenish the minerals, to stimulate gastric juices and to regulate the blood pressure due to its content of potassium and manganese.
These features make fishing the summer fruit par excellence thanks to its juicy pulp helps to better withstand the heat.
The perfect fishing as a snack mid morning, as it provides without adding sugar, easily digestible and is also suitable for those who have problems of assimilation. And 'advisable to eat between meals because, especially when mixed with dairy products and carbohydrates, can cause intestinal fermentation annoying.
Finally, good to know that you should never drink too much water after eating these fruits because you risk unindigestione: the acid content of cyanide in fishing http://www.coachoutletonline2013usa.com, albeit in very small proportion, which is incompatible with the water.
Here are the nutritional values per 100 grams of product
Calories: 27 kcal
Water: 90.7 g.
Carbohydrates: 6,1 g.
Protein: 0.8 g.
Sugars: 6.1 g.
Fibre: 1 coach outlet store.6 g.
Calcium: 8 mg.
Sodium: 3 mg.
Iron: 0.4 mg.
Potassium: 260 mg.
We can divide the peaches into three main varieties: the common fishing, characterized by a thin skin and velvety, equipped with very thin "fluff" and that may have white or yellow flesh. The peach or nectarine nut instead characterized by a smooth skin and the pulp generally yellow and more soda.
Finally, there is a category of peaches which is not marketed as retail lends itself to be transformed in fruit juices; her name fishing percoca, has a very consistent pulp that is maintained for such a long time and then ideal for canning.
In short, I just have to say ... c 'a fisheries for every occasion ... just know how to choose.
Manuela Marino
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